Sure, fashion’s subjective and not everyone is fashion-inclined, so it’s unfair to pass judgment on face value. But this isn’t about the wearer. It just baffles me how some fashion “trends” can thrive here and have made their way into the closets of Singaporeans.

Please don’t let me endure another decade of terrible fashion mistakes.


10. Nerd black glasses (especially without lenses)

You know what I’m talking about. Those oversized, thick black-rimmed glasses the oh-so-stylish youths don on the streets of… well, everywhere. Why would anyone want to make themselves look more nerdy and unattractive with a pair of too-big-for-my-face glasses recycled from the past? Ok, I’ve to admit that some can pull it off, but for the vast majority, please, get a frame that actually suits your face shape.

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Maybe this is the influence of Korean fashion? Lee Kikwang from Beast wore that too. Although I can’t decide if he looks good or bad, I think Singaporeans should really think twice about copying Korean fashion wholesale.

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For those who wear this with no lenses (yes, I’ve seen plenty of that), it’s just the cherry on the top of the foolish cake.

9. Shapeless dresses

Some people call it a babydoll, some call it an empire dress. But in any case, these dresses have no shape when worn on a human body. Aren’t women given curves for a reason?

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Uh, can someone explain to me how does this dress complement any body shape?

Reserve those dresses for when you’re pregnant. You might wear them so often and realise that they make you look more pregnant than you actually are that you’ll get sick of them eventually.

8. “Little Miss / Mr” t-shirts

Do you recall that period of time not too many years ago when “Little Miss / Mr” tees were in the rage? When every other person you knew (or maybe even yourself) wore the tee that proclaimed something about yourself out of where it should remain (read: home).

The most commonly worn tee at that point of time that is more eyeballs rolling worthy now than sunshine and optimism.

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On the other hand, it leaves me speechless as to how anyone is able to go out with a boy wearing a “Mr” tee especially the one below.

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7. Coloured skinny jeans

I’m not against skinny jeans, I wear skinny jeans myself too. What I’m talking about is the obnoxiously bright coloured skinny jeans most frequently worn about 4 years ago by 15-year-old boys.

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These jeans are often grossly mismatched with striped tees or “matching” coloured shirts (such as yellow with green jeans or green with purple jeans) together with flip flops or a really beaten up pair of black and white checkered Vans shoe and topped with a spiky yet (amazingly) with long side-swept fringe haircut.

Unless Singaporeans can learn to pull it off like Paul Smith (below), please don’t ever let this “trend” come back in full force again.

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6. “Boys in pink” phase

This is one of the most ridiculous “trends” I have lived to see in Singapore. Why in the world, for a sudden random time, did boys in Singapore decide that pink was the newest and trendiest colour out there and everyone started putting on pink polos from Giordano?

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I certainly don’t remember any other countries or designers or labels or anything else for that matter putting out any signs of pink being the next “in” colour. I certainly am crossing my fingers that the next time a “trend” decides to hit, it’ll be a more acceptable colour like white or navy.

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