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Filesharing simplified

School projects usually involve lots of compiling of paper work, which can get quite confusing at times. Chances are, where group work is involved, not all the members’ efforts can be fully utilised when work on the master documents are being done on one or two members’ computers.

Here are some reliable solutions that you might want to use the next time when group proposals come crashing down on you.


Software-based File Sharing/Transfer 
TRY: Pando.com

Pando, a software-based solution that works on both Windows and Macintosh, requires a registration and a download of Pando at (www.pando.com). Users can then send the files to their teammates. They will receive a notification email to download the files and documents.

Sharing large media files of up to 1GB is fast and easy. As files will not be compressed, this is highly recommended for video editing projects and large PowerPoint presentations files.


Web-based Content Delivery  
TRY: driveway.com, yousendit.com, megaupload.com, mailbigfile.com, largefilesasap.com

Students usually transfer their files through thumb-drives and hard disk drive during their project meetings.

The above solution allows you to send the files from your computer, enter your intended recipients’ email addresses and viola!

Your recipient will receive a notification email to access and download the file via a web link that remains accessible for a limited time frame (usually a week to 10 days).


Software-based File Synchronisation
TRY: Collanos.com

Collanos is a great tool for synchronising your project files. This software provides project groups with a flexible working platform to collaborate in a single space. 

Users can download it from (www.collanos.com). After creating their profiles, users can create their new secure workspace and file folders and start managing their projects. The IM platform allows teams to have a real-time discussion with their team mates, which speeds up efficacy.

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