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He's played a student, doctor, a cop and even a lawyer, but this soulful actor and wannabe marine biologist, has even more facets of himself in real life. Urbanwire's Kang gets Keagan Kang to spill his guts on:

City Sharks
Being An Actor
Facing critics
My Spot
The first time
Being on The Bachelor
Budding Artistes
Being in love

City Sharks

You probably just saw Keagan as a chatty Australian tourist in action comedy City Sharks, which just opened in local cinemas. The movie, which wrapped up filming last January, won the Best Comedy nod by the American Screen Arts Foundation 2002, a rare honor for 1 of our homemade flicks.

The basic premise is that 3 men reunite and impersonate loansharks to save the orphanage they grew up in from being destroyed. Sheikh Haikel, Nicholas Lee, Hans Isaac (a big time Malaysian actor) play the protagonists, Keagan is among the supporting cast, which includes familiar local favourites such as Koh Chieng Mun and Lim Kay Tong

The Australian born thespian revels in the family spirit on the set, "These guys rely on each other, because they've grown up with each other for so long, And they're quite dysfunctional in their own ways, they have different issues, different things that make or break them." Everyone's life experience is rich in color in a certain way.

Being an actor

Explaining his enthusiasm for acting, he compares the art form to painting, adding that the idea/vision is begging to be put on canvass, "[It's] the same as acting where you start off blank, you have your own characteristic and you get your own sense of self."

Keagan who manages British, Irish, Scottish, Spanish, German accents just to name a few, says one thing draws him to his many roles in TV shows, theatre productions and local movies.

"To me it's really about the story. Acting is really an exploration of the human condition. People get to see that in a story, and that's what I like to do, I love it."

Facing Critics

Though Keagan loves every moment about acting, it is the critics that keep him on his toes.

"Everything that somebody says is an opinion. There're going to be people who say that they'll like your work or they don't. Some people will say more bad than good, while others will be full of praises. Always keep in check who you are."

His Special Spot

Though Keagan's name might have Irish roots that mean, "Little Fire", this beach-loving person is far from afraid of water. He reveals that his usual haunts in Singapore include Sentosa and East Coast, but his favourite place is not in Singapore.

"It's just 10 minutes down the road from my house. I call it My Spot. I study the reef there and I know what fish are there, so I can go there to catch fish if I want. It's just beautiful, a quaint little area next to a surf club."

As we hit on Keagan's soft spot - marine biology, Keagan rattles off convincingly the scientific names of fish species. I wonder why he isn't a marine biologist in training, instead of an actor. For the answer to that, we have to go to his first audition.

The First Time

"I remember [reading] in a newspaper [that] auditions were open for an acting school. I hesitated. I was scared. But something inside me said that if I don't do something now, I wouldn't know. I picked the phone, rang and hung up. I got through and finally I went for the audition, I got called back again and again and I got in! And there I was, my 1st day with all these other strange people I never knew. Here I am now, 9 years later, still learning and exploring."

In that time, he's been featured in 47 TV commercials, 9 TV series, 30 theatre productions, hundreds of voiceovers, and had a stint as a professional stunt double on the show called The Gift. No wonder he's all for budding artistes overcoming their nerves and making that important 1st step.

His advice may sound like a soccer coach spouting clichés, but he says it sincerely: "Go for it. Do it if it's your dream and you take your dream seriously, you want it and it's inside your heart. Keep going. Never ever give in make the best out of every opportunity. Be the best you can be. There's no perfect time. The time is now. All you have is this moment right now and if something comes your way, grab it. Do the best that you can."

With fame, large twinkly, brown eyes, a cheeky smile that punctuates every sentence and toned body, Keagan looks like a prime candidate for The Bachelor if we ever decided to film our own version.

"I wouldn't take part in The Bachelor. But I think some of them [reality shows] are great. I think Amazing Race is a lot of fun. It's a competition where everyone is racing against the clock. Travel around the world to experience many things in a flash. Everyone's goal might be the money or the motivation, but I think it's also to be able to see as many countries as they can nd beat the others to it. It's very good for people who are adventurous."

Other than the love for adventures, Keagan speaks about being in love

"Romanticism is wonderful. I think love dies because we fear it and we try to control [it]. Things change, people change. You come together not to complete each other, but you should already be complete."

He finds it ironic when couples say they hurt each other because they love each other. "If you can trust yourself, you can trust your partner. You have to know yourself. If you're complete, you can share your love so purely and unconditionally."

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Keagan's Biography >>>


2000 AD – Supporting – Media Asia and Raintree Pictures (Dir. Gordon Chan), Singapore

Interior House Night – Lead – First Time Productions (Dir. Glen Jones), Australia


War Diary – Supporting – Dream Forest Productions, Mediacorp Studios, Singapore

Spin (II, III) – Lead – UTV International, Television Corporation of Singapore

Triple Nine – Supporting - Television Corporation of Singapore

Under One Roof – Recurring Supporting – Television Corporation of Singapore


1996 – Film Acting – Screen Acting (Television Institute of Western Australia)

1994 – Theatre Arts – 5th year practicum at Thee Performing Arts College, Western Australia "

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