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Gorgeous picnic by the beach. Photo by: Nafimages, Plan B.

The season of love is back. Are you agonizing over what to do at the 11th hour?

If it’s too late to book a candlelight dinner, would you give picnics a thought – now that you can have someone to fancy it up for you?

In recent years, at least 4 companies in Singapore have started offering pre-packed picnic baskets, which come with food and drinks, cutlery, mats and even insect repellent. Some of them also throw in theme decorations as part of the package to boost the insta-worthiness of your experience.

Heaven’s Bloom & Baskets (@heavensbloom), for example, provides picnic baskets together with floral bouquets. Customers can choose from Fields of Poppies ($238 for 2 persons) or Golden Magnolia ($268 for 3 to 4 persons).

Beauteaq (@beauteaq) is another company that pairs its curated picnic baskets with fresh floral bouquets. One of its offerings, “The Sweet Treats”, is priced at $180. It comes with 2 slices of tarts, 6 assorted tartlets, shaved ham, blocked feta cheese, and a choice of red wine, artisan water or cider.


High-tea in the park. Photo by: Azfar Khan (@azfrkhn)

Other companies, such as Plan B (@planb.co) and Picneeds (@picneeds) go a step further to provide extravagant setups for that dreamy ambience.

“A pre-packed picnic basket seems too simple and too small an idea,” said Mrs Noura Aljunied, 23, of Plan B. “We want to create an experience our clients could really appreciate without them having to do anything at all.”

Started 1 year ago, Plan B is known for its start-to-finish service model. The company charges a basic fee of $150, which covers planning, conceptualizing, venue sourcing, setting up, and cleaning up. Fairy light backdrop and sheer drape come at an extra charge of $50. You can also request for fresh flowers to jazz up your nautical striped picnic mats. Food wise, you can go for curated menu such as Pizza & Chill and French Bistro.


Bohemian themed picnic. Photo by: Picneeds

Picneeds also offers curated packages for birthdays, anniversary celebrations, and bachelorette parties. A basic setup for 2 begins at $190. Bohemian, Coachella-esque and rustic themes are among the options offered.

Mr Khairul Amri of Picneeds said his company’s key mission is to provide as hassle-free an experience as possible. He also believes there will be a steady demand for his service.

“The hassle of setting up a picnic of our scale and detail is not something everyone would be able or willing to go through just for an Insta-worthy shot,” the 29-year-old said.


Coachella-esque themed picnic. Photo by: Picneeds


These posh picnics don’t come cheap, and the price tags are likely to deter the budget-conscious.

“I just don’t see why I should hire someone to buy décor, set up and prepare food when I could do all of that without any extra charges,” said Marissa Noor Azlan, 20, a Ngee Ann Polytechnic student.

But the fuss-free service will likely appeal to those who’re looking for a different way to celebrate this Valentine’s Day. If you’re one of them, take part in our contest and stand a chance to win a $50 voucher from Plan B.


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